Growing plants inside instead of outside?



  • medb
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    micro greens are great to grow indoors, you don't even need lights! Just cut and eat them before they get leggy.

  • dipat2005
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    @medb I watch some You Tube videos on how easy it is to grow microgreens. I might try that.

  • ig
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    Hi, I actually don't have an outdoor space and have been experimenting with growing vegies indoors (apartment not a greenhouse) for a few years. Zone 7b, so hot in the summer and dry heat in the winter.

    One of biggest things that I have learned is to have a plan for pest control. There is no rain indoors and there are no natural predators. If pests come from store bought soil or are attracted through a window, they are difficult to get rid of after the fact. So start with a pest control plan from day one.

    Also, I learned to go with plants and planters that fit my needs. So having the freedom to travel for 2 weeks in the middle of the summer necessarily means certain types of planters and/or plants.

    I have tried swiss chard in a pot. Don't know why but it had a putrid amount of oxalic acid that made it inedible. After that I began experimenting with other types of greens. I have not tried kale or spinach. Unless your space is very sunny, I'd recommend plants that thrive outdoors with part sun or shade.

    Lastly, I'd say keep experimenting with new types of vegies, new varieties and vegies that you already know that you would like to grow. See how you can do it in the space that you have indoors. Personally, I am still trying to figure out how to grow sweet potatoes well indoors.

    Hope this helps.

  • LaurieLovesLearning
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    I am growing chickweed inside. I have just planted cilantro/coriander seed in a sunny spot at the base of my avocado (big pot), and want to plant corn salad & claytonia in the winter months (same pot) indoors.

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    I have started cucumbers inside. I had said I wanted to grow them inside. I might try a couple and see what happens.

    I have so many veggies started inside in front of 2 bedroom windows that when my daughter was asked what we thought of her possibly moving so far away for the job in an interview the other day she said I was ready for her to move because I had a garden in her bedroom. LOL!

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    @Owl Thanks for posting your picture -- I can understand it much better! Love it!