Wool mites and rabbit health

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My sweet sunshine has wool mites. Her angora wool went from spectacular to shabby. She is also nervous, but that might also have to do with her biting a rabbit Judge in the thumb (I cried more than the judge, although the ladies were saying this judge had it coming, being overly rough). My poor baby is in pain I think from the wool mites and psychologically (a friend suggested bunny herbs).

What can I do to relieve her pain. She is only four month old and is generally more nervous than her sisters? I have been giving her out of desperation Ivermectin (orally), but it doesn’t seem to help (or she is just really nervous). I read about diatomaceous earth, I do have tooth powder with that, and I heard it is good to clean out their cages with neet (what in the world is that? Is it safe, as they said not to let it touch the bunnies as it is unhealthy — so I want to clean their cage with something bad for them?).

I did give her some apple cider vinegar water with a tiny bit of garlic blended in and a drop of local honey.

Suggestions? TIA


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    @heirlooms777 I do not have personal experience with this, but I have friends that say they have used mineral oil to treat the rabbit with mites. I know that you have to be careful with diatomaceous earth. It can cause lung damage if inhaled.

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    I don't know the first thing about rabbits and herbs so I thought I'd check and see what was out there on the internet for solutions.

    There's lots of sites that have lists of safe herbs for bunnies but they don't list dosages. They say a few leaves or a sprinkling or a pinch. One says a pinch of dried herb but then says about 1 Tbsp. My idea of a pinch certainly isn't a tablespoon.

    Basil is listed as one that is good for both nervousness and itching. Chamomile would help as a calmative. But I don't know how much to recommend of either. For most small animals a dosage is based on the animal's weight. xxx amount per pound or kilo of body weight.

    Maybe sent a message to Doc Jones. He might have a preparation just for this purpose.

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    I think I can feed them half a cup of an herb like oregano every day. Thank you for your help