Eye styes

I've suffered recently (and still am) from bilateral styes, one of which is incredibly painful and swollen and possibly infected. I've been put on a strong anti-biotic as well as prednisone which I HATE to take. Does anyone have any natural remedies? I've been using warm compresses several times a day which helped with one eye, but the other is being stubborn.

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  • katymockus
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    I've been doing warm compresses with tea bags but it hasn't had any effect, sadly. I've also made ginger tea and already take zinc, turmeric and C regularly, but it looks as though one may need to combine all remedies to beat it naturally which means I'll need to add a few more to my herbal cabinet, like eyebright. Thanks!

  • kbmbillups1
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    When my husband had a stye last year he was told to take pulsatilla 30c. It worked for him. It wasn't an immediate fix but after a few days it did work.

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    I make honey eye drops for styes in my household and it works for us. My husband found an article on mommypotamus years ago and we've used it ever since.

    1/4 tsp honey

    1/4 cup distilled water

    Sprinkle of salt (optional but useful)

    Warm water slightly and mix all together well and place 1-2 drops in affected eye regularly until issue being treated clears.

    This does sting but is worth it to us because it's so effective. Everyone has a threshold for discomfort in order to accomplish certain goals. I do not like styes so I deal with the strong drops.

    We use this for pink eye as well and it clears up in less than 24 hours.