Let's get to know each other better

We've had so many new members join lately & over the years who have told us where they are from. Through discussions, we've learned a bit about each other's interests & in some cases, this has cultivated wonderful friendships worldwide.

Please let us know a bit more about you, what you do, what brought you here, or about what you enjoy about the region where you call home.

Those who have been here a while, feel free to do the same!

We've had conversations like this in the past and they are always fun. 🙂


  • LaurieLovesLearning
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    I'll start.

    I am on the prairies of Canada. We have short summers & long, cold & hopefully snowy winters. Later we have been very dry in my area. It could be a tough summer.

    I am a married, homeschooling (& Judo pre-covid) mom of a bunch of country kids. We do much from scratch & "from the ground up". We appreciate the conveniences of today, but strive to keep the "old" ways alive through what skills we choose earn & do indoors & out. We encourage others to develop the old skills as well. They are still very relevant! It keeps life interesting at the very least, and there is ever more to learn.

    My area is slightly rolling with a few trees and many ravines, & small to large rivers. North of us is the Parkland which leads into the Canadian Shield, with small to large bodies of water. Manitoba is widely known for fishing in its cold, clean, deep lakes. Churchill is in my province, but a long way north. Nunavut is the territory to the north of Manitoba. To the south is North Dakota (USA). We have no poisonous creatures here, but have the worlds largest anake den, moose, elk & deer, bear, wolf, coyote, cougars, wild boar (feral, introduced) & much more.

    My passion is singing...but also heritage farm animals! I've chosen to focus on breeding a few breeds of rare heritage poultry. I don't know why...but it is what it is. I've been breeding these specifically since 2015 or 2016. I really love my jersey giants. They are awesome!

    We've had all manner of domestic & exotic animals. It's never boring here.

    My newest interest is foraging. That is also a never ending journey of learning. It's so basic, so beneficial and very interesting. I think it is an important skill for families, even more so now. Every child should also know this and other basic survival skills. It could save their life one day!

    I come from a long line of successful gardeners. I do have a large garden, but prefer to push the envelope indoors with exotics. As far as weeding...I'm not a fan, so indoors suits me perfectly! The thing is, I've grown edible & medicinal weeds at the base of my houseplants & plan to do more!

    There is much more that I could add, but I think this is plenty. 😄