Show 129: Parsley, Pork, Beans and Poke Salat


  • Torey
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    Parsley is very useful in herbal medicine but beyond that, I think it is something that we should be eating on a regular basis as preventative medicine.

    I grow parsley and dry as much as possible for winter, adding it to many things. I don't care which kind; curled or flat Italian. I like them both. I grew the "Hamburg" variety one year but the roots didn't get as big as I had hoped. I am going to try it again this year, though.

    I will have to try the parsley water in a sweat lodge next time I attend one.

    Parsley is great to add to dried herb sprinkles for the table (in place of or to reduce salt). Its very high in vitamins and essential minerals. One of four herbs in the classic "Fines Herbes". To encourage more use of parsley, I'll leave links for a couple of recipes.

    This is a recipe that has salt with the herbs.

    This one is for Italian seasoning.

    I've made this next one but used a seaweed blend instead of straight kelp and I added an equal amount of parsley with the stinging nettle. So twice as much green herb as originally called for. Its very good.

    Parsley is very high in bioflavonoids and antioxidants. It is one of the highest plant sources available for apigenin. Apigenin is anti-inflammatory and may have muscle relaxant properties.

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    I agree! I probably eat it every day, at least once. I eat tons of it fresh, when in season. I add dried parsley to most dishes, but it is also in my Creole Seasoning - parsley, oregano, garlic powder, onion powder, cumin, black pepper, cayenne pepper and salt. My friend in Rome tells me that she eats pasta with parsley, olive oil and parm most every day in the summer.