Chicken Feed Problems

I don't keep chickens (yet), but I saw this video on YouTube and wanted to share it with y'all.

I also wanted to ask what do you all feed your chickens?


  • Michelle D
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    I mix my own feed for my chickens and ducks. I get all the supplies from Azure Standard. They also sell a really good quality chicken feed that is already mixed.

  • LaurieLovesLearning
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    We feed our game birds (peas & guineas) turkey grower because it has high protein, which peas absolutely need & guineas do better on. It's still less expensive than game bird feeds.

    We feed our chickens whole wheat & a layer supplement. It is still expensive, but much less than layer.

    We will most likely still be buying chick feed & grower from our farm supply store.

    We feed unmedicated.

    We have considered making our own. I have found formulas & recipes that lookd okay. They might have been posted either in this subcategory or under Birds (Land Fowl & Waterfowl).

    I think he mentioned price of chicks in that video (I've seen it before). Prices have been higher for many years for heritage purebreds. When I started selling, my first chicks were priced at $12/ea.

    My prices are CAD, but my chicks are priced at $12 for a two-way cross, $16/"project" (so, in development) chicks, and $17/purebreds. Pullets are at $50-$55. I've been selling purebred roosters at $50 for a few years now. A dozen hatching eggs can easily set someone back $80-$85/dozen for my purebreds.

    I'll be setting my first bunch either tonight or tomorrow morning. My birds are slow getting going this year, just like our spring has been.

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    @Cornelius Thanks for posting, I will be following to see what other possibilities exist!