Possible Homesteading Opportunity??

heirlooms777 Posts: 208 ✭✭✭

This homesteading group is absolutely amazing. I can’t thank everyone enough here, but @Marjory Wildcraft , @Torey , @LaurieLovesLearning , just to name a few, have been real game changers for me.

I have been involved a bit in communities here in the States and a little in Greece, and I have been trying to figure a way to homestead within a group like family setting. I don’t want to nor do I think it would be fun to homestead by myself. I have a nice city type setup here now, but the goal is to live within a family like setting on a farm.

My friends are a farmers. They are retiring, and want to pass the torch. Alone, I could never do it alone, but perhaps a group of us could. Please contact me if you or if you know anyone that wants to live in the Midwest and perhaps do a little farming.