What the best tip you’ve learnt from TGN

I’m interested to know what others have learnt from being involved with the TGN forums? What’s your number one thing that made you go yes, yes, yes, I will keep doing that because it works.

Mine is being able to turn my herbs into medicine & using that homemade end product into a useful action. So much so that I’m facilitating a Herbal Home Remedies workshop this Saturday, with funding from a local council initiative.

What’s your best tip?


  • kbmbillups1
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    I think the best thing I've learned is that I'm not alone in learning to grow vegetables and having issues along the way. It's good to talk to others who are having the same issues with pests or reasons why plants don't grow the way we think they should. It's also good to get ideas from others who have had success or to share what has worked for you.

  • VermontCathy
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    I agree with @kbmbillups1. It's not about any one tip, it's the ongoing conversation.

    The Academy course on seed saving was useful, and supplements other information sources.

    The tip on adding calcium through eggshells to prevent tomato blossom end rot (from @silvertipgrizz, I think?) is also a good one.

  • annbeck62
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    Yes, I have learned a lot and really appreciate how freely people share their knowledge. If I absolutely had to pick one thing it would be learning what lacto is, all the ways to use it and how easy it is to make it yourself.

  • Lisa K
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    I have learned something from every Academy course I took and a lot of tips from different posts. One of my favorite tips has been was a one of @Marjory Wildcraft presentation on How to Grow Chocolate, something I am still planning on trying.

    Also, learned a lot about the wild bees I have in my backyard from @Jens the Beekeeper

    About Milky Oats (good for sleep) from @Merin Porter and @Jimerson.

    Just to name a few!

  • Linda Bittle
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    For me, the biggest value is that I can share and read stuff here that most of my "real life" friends don't get. These virtual friendships are so very dear to me.

  • Michelle D
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    I also can't pick just one thing. I have gained so much from everyone here at TGN. The academy is full of so much education that I don't even have time for it all. I have made so much progress in moving forward with my homestead since I found TGN. Thanks to everyone here that is so open to share what they know and what they are learning.

    That being said I will say that I think I have made the most use of what I have learned about raising chickens and ducks. I now raise both for meat and eggs. I butcher my own and save tons of money. I have also had the opportunity to teach friends and help them get started with their flocks. That is a really great feeling.

  • Torey
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    This isn't so much a tip. But more what I get out of it.

    TGN's forum has made me a much better natural health practitioner and herbalist. You have all added to my knowledge with insights and info from what you have shared about your training in various fields and anecdotal experiences. I have learned so much about different plants from around the world. So many great questions that has kept me doing more and more research.

    Thanks to all of you lovely people!

  • dipat2005
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    All of the extra classes, friends from the Grow Network and all of the advice for the garden problems and living life. The encouragement and understanding also helps. This is only one of two social websites that I participate in.

  • nicksamanda11
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    Composting everything is possible (except for cat poop- no use for that😂)

  • vickeym
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    Not exactly a tip, but knowing I am not alone i wanting something better than pharmaceuticals.

    Plus, getting the support to give me the confidence to get off the bench (reading, wishing and buying others creations) and start making medicine.

  • Lisa K
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    @vickeym that is a great "tip", I realized after reading your post that TGN helped me get interested in growing my own medicinal herbs!