Wrong or mixed seeds in packs

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Is anyone else finding the wrong seeds in packs of seeds? I planted onion seeds and onions did not grow from them. I pretty sure they're radishes. These I bought from a seed seller online.

Also, I planted carrots and not only got carrots popping up but tomatoes too. I have taken a total of 12 tomato plants now out of my carrots and transplanted them into pots for now. I'm trying to find someone who wants them because I don't need any more since I started way more than I needed because I usually have issues starting them. This year almost every seed grew! I bought these organic seeds at the store.

Also, I know the tomatoes didn't come from a tomato that dropped on the ground last year because I started a new planter for the carrots with new dirt. Both my new planter and my old one had tomatoes pop up with the carrots.

I don't recall this happening before. So, wondering if anyone else is seeing this too.



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    I haven't experienced that (yet) but I opened up one pack to find 5 seeds. I contacted the online seller and they sent a new pack.

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    This is rare from reputable sellers, but more common from nonname "brands" ones that try to be supercheap.

    If you ordered from Johnny's, Baker Creek, Park, Reimer, Renees, etc., etc. they would probably send you a new pack after you report this happening.

    Incidentally, carrots and tomatoes are compatible and can be grown together in the same bed.

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    @annbeck62 Wow! @VermontCathy Thanks both of you. I didn't think about contacting the seller. I'll have to go back and see if I can remember who I ordered the one pack from.

    The problem with growing them together is that I planted the seeds in a rectangular planter that people usually plant flowers in. It was the perfect size for mini carrots last year, but I think tomatoes need a bigger planter or to be in the ground. That's why I've been transplanting them.