Soil science/permaculture textbooks for homeschooling

Soil science/permaculture curriculum is available for children/homeschoolers. This company is based in the US.


  • Michelle D
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    This looks great! I have one in high school. We were planning on switching up curriculum this coming school year. I think this will have to become an addition to our lineup.

  • heirlooms777
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    My sister suggests. I have not researched this

    “Sonlight is a literature based homeschool curriculum that has good recommendations on books, including science”

    “Answers in Genesis has really good science books”

  • heirlooms777
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    I really recommend the classes on this forum, especially the “Exploring Botany” course. The instructor makes learning fun for me for all of the classes I have seen, but especially this one. —Christina

  • LaurieLovesLearning
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    @heirlooms777 I'm glad that you are enjoying the "Exploring Botany" course. That's great to hear. Learning sticks best when a student finds the material fun & interesting.

    The course that I listed above will offer something much more specific in scope to Sonlight & AIG. Those two offer general science courses with books picked or created to support their own curriculum and their specific views. I know Sonlight is a complete curriculum, and if it says anything about gardening, it will be only surface knowledge, not in-depth "how to." AIG's focus is mainly their own take on Genesis (some of which is certainly questionable). I haven't heard of them delving into gardening nor permaculture.

    I did Sonlight for a couple of years when I was in high school. I don't use it for our kids for a few reasons. My brother's family used AIG, and I learned about it through them. It is not a curriculum that I feel comfortable promoting in any way for reasons I will not get into here.

    In contrast to these two, the Symsoil curriculum would focus specifically on gardening & permaculture and should appeal to all, which is why I posted it here. It is not a full science curriculum (all the "-ology" subjects). I have no idea if it has any religious view attached (creation/evolution/whatever other). It appears, on the surface, to be straightforward gardening.

    It is like taking a specialty course in addition to a wider teaching program that includes all subjects. It is much like if one wanted to take an herbal course, which would also not be offered by Sonlight, or AIG, or most complete homeschool curriculum. The Symsoil curriculum (so, course) can be a supplement to a larger curriculum or be fit into an eclectic (meaning mixed) plan of teaching materials.