Beeswax where to find and how to use

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I am not sure what kind of beeswax I should be using in Salves or on my skin. I am so sensitive to everything.

Where would I find it and how would I use it other than a salve?


  • Torey
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    You should be able to find beeswax at any good health food store. There is only one kind of beeswax although it does come in different forms. You definitely don't want to buy sheets (they aren't always pure beeswax and are usually coloured).

    Mountain Rose Herbs has both blocks and pastilles. The pastilles melt faster and are easier to use (no grating or chopping of wax). They are also usually available in smaller amounts which works well if you are only making a small amount of salve.

    If you are worried about being sensitive to wax, you could find a very plain lip balm with beeswax and do a skin patch test. Maybe one of Burt's Bees products. Sensitivities or allergies to beeswax are very rare.

    You could use any extra you purchase to make candles. There are some very cute candles molds. Like these ones I found on Etsy.

    Maybe we should have a tutorial or weekend class in the Academy on candle making. Molds, dipping, rolling sheet wax, colouring your candles, fragrance in candles, pressed flowers or other ornamentation added in, wick types, etc., etc., etc. I will suggest this to admin.

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    @Torey I have been talking with Admin about holding tutorial classes, creating new courses, and possibly doing things like this through Zoom or other means.

    I will make sure I add this idea to my notes.

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    @dipat2005 You could also take with local honey producers to see if they sell any beeswax. You will want to ask if they have clean/purified (no bee parts, etc.) wax.

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    I really like the pastilles from Mountain Rose. It's easier to get the perfect amount, and they melt fast. I first bought blocks from local beekeepers, but I like the convenience of the pastilles.

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    I also really like the pastilles. The beeswax I bought from a local keeper was a big block. I like supporting local where I can but the pastilles are so much easier to work with.

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    I got mine from Mountain Rose but their shipping is high, also Aromatics International has good products but their shipping can also be high.

    If cost is an issue you might be able to find clean, organic beeswax on Amazon.

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    Thank you for all of the great ideas. I did ask after I finished my purchase yesterday at the health food store and they did have beeswax. Mountain Rose Herbs is close by. I would love to take a class on candle making or tutorials too.

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    @Torey I love those candle samples!! Hopefully a class will be coming!

    @dipat2005 I must confess, I really like working with the pastilles----my son is a bee keeper and I can get beeswax from him, but for the convenience and ease of using pastilles, I will gladly open my wallet and pay for them!!

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    I get my from my cousin in FL. He is a bee keeper and creates one ounce ingots from the wax. I have close to two pounds on hand. Cutting them into whatever size chunks I need is fairly easy with a hot butter knife or shredding some on a grater such as a box grater.

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    I see that even Hobby Lobby has pastilles. Very interesting. Thank you.

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    It is a very good idea to hold a tutorial on candle making. I make candles from time to time, but I am a real amateur and I would be eager to learn more.