whats wrong with my hen

she has been isolating her self for almost two weeks now. she has not layed. i discovered a condition thats called egg bound and the video showed her giving her hen an epson salt bath for about 20 min isolated her for the day but still nothing. I tried to palpate her tummy for an egg but i dont feel anything. some people said that she is broody and wants to hatch some eggs but i dont have fertilized eggs, dont know where to get any and I dont have a roo. im worried shes gonna die shes only a year old. anytime i open the coop she seems distressed too.


  • Michelle D
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    It sounds like it could a broody hen to me. I just finished breaking a broody hen yesterday. Is she staying in the nest box most if not all of the time? It is important when breaking broody hen is to keep her out of the nest box as much as possible.

  • Save the frogs
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    yes she is staying in the nesting box all the time I have to take her out myself, so what should I do? Should I just close the door so she can’t get in there? How did you break your broody hen?

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    I agree with @Michelle D. Egg bound would be quite obvious at the vent. It sounds like she's broody. This is natural and desired for those who want their hens to hatch chicks!

    They can go broody on nothing or eggs (fertilized or not), golf balls, fake eggs and I just recently read how one eagle was brooing a rock in a beautiful ground nest!

    Yes, keep her out of the nest box. You can also try moving her to different housing.

    I have heard of dipping them in water to break broodiness as well.

    Here is a good article describing broodiness & what you can do about it. It gives various options for breaking it.


  • Michelle D
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    @Save the frogs how is your hen?