Tomato Brown Rugose Fruit Virus (ToBRFV)

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This virus has been found in at least two varieties of tomatoes, namely Brandywise and Sweet Prince varieties. (Brandywise is not a typo. It is not the same as Brandywine.)

Once it gets in your garden, it can be hard to control.

From :

"This virus can survive in soil for years, thus there is potential for re-occurrence in future years in addition to potential for spread to other tomato and pepper plants with handling.

"There are no treatments/sprays that will cure plants of ToBRFV or any other plant virus.

"Handling infected seed is not known to allow seed-to-seed transmission of ToBRFV because the virus resides inside the seed not on the seed surface. Handling infected plants followed by handling healthy host plants is a transmission method.

"Check plants for symptoms at least once a week. Symptoms include mosaic and mottle, yellowing, bubbling in the leaf blade, and a ‘fern leaf’ look. Symptoms will likely start to appear by about 4-6 weeks after seeding, but some varieties remain free from symptoms even though infected. See below for a symptom image guide.

"If suspect symptoms seen, photograph and contact your local extension specialist for assistance with submitting samples for testing.

"Follow strict sanitation practices if you have infected plants, including disposing or disinfecting all clothing, tools, trays, pots, hoses, benches, etc. that came in contact with the plants."



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