Is this wild lettuce?

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Is this wild lettuce? If not, what is it? My wife and i have arthritis, hers is much worse than mine. Trying to find help for her pain instead of all the pills she takes.


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    Welcome to TGN's forum @gtrmn37.

    It could be Lactuca species (wild lettuce) but also might be a Sonchus species (sow thistle). I think that wild lettuce has longer flower buds than what is shown is your pic so it may be a sow thistle.

    If you let us know what part of the world you are from, there may be suggestions of where you could take your specimen for positive ID. Colleges/universities are always an option.

    There are other options besides wild lettuce. Have you tried turmeric? There are many studies showing very good results with all forms of arthritis. CBD oil is a very good anti-inflammatory. Boswellia (francincense) is another that is recommended for arthritis. Topical preparations with cayenne and/or eucalyptus or menthol can bring relief.

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    I live in Akron Ohio. I've been reading up on it, and it has the properties of Lactuca serriola .

    You could be right tho. I'm still learning, but I downloaded the booklet provided by TGN. It's pretty well written. I checked on YouTube also and it seemed like it was.

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    One of the problems with identification is that both plants are quite variable in leaf appearance. Prickly lettuce has prickles along the spine in the centre of the underside of the leaf. Sow thistle doesn't.

    This is a pretty good video.

    Or this longer video.

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    That looks like annual sow thistle to me for sure.

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    I was just going to mention the prickly underside of the mid-rib vein.

    The buds don't look right to me to be prickly lettuce.

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    Good videos. Never had figured out the difference between the two. Now I know.

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    Yes, it's sow thistle. thanks to all of you for helping me get this right.

    I'm a newbie, so I'm learning.I was told that the others in the forums were helpful, and you proved it, no doubt!