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what can i plant in zone 9 to help with back pain, had 4 back ops. on it


  • Torey
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    Welcome to TGN's forum @laneyreece.

    Oh, so many questions before an answer.

    First you have to determine what works for you and your particular type of pain. Herbs aren't just substitutes for drugs like NSAIDs or pain killers. Is your pain caused by inflammation, nerve damage, spasmodic pain, lack of cushioning between vertebrae, physical damage due to trauma, etc.? Different herbs for different types of pain. And what works for one might not work for another.

    What is the prognosis from your surgeries? Are they expected to relieve the pain in time?

    In zone 9 you should be able to grow just about anything you like. So, as I said, figure out what works for you first and then start to grow your own medicine. Keeping in mind that some plant medicines may take more than one season to grow, so you may need to purchase herbs while waiting for your own plants.

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    @laneyreece welcome from me as well. I second everything that @Torey mentioned. My medicine for back pain is a warm cushion filled with moss or fern leaves. These one can find almost everywhere on the Earth. I have to say, that I do not have any health issues. It is only when I strain my muscles or am too tired of physical work.

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    Welcome @laneyreece, when I have over done it or my back is out of alignment, I find that a warm/hot bath with Epsom salts with or without lavender works for me. But as @Torey stated, it depends on what is going on.

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    T hanks to all that has sent a feed back. It is nerve pain that takes morphine and injections to help with it. been doing it for years. It cost so much for the shoots or the burning of nerves. JUST LOOKING FOR HELP, with the pain. Thanks Laney

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    @laneyreece If its nerve pain, then I would suggest St. John's Wort, made into an oil. So you could massage it in as a massage oil or add some beeswax and use as a topical rub. Its easy to grow. So easy in fact, that it may take over in your garden.

    Is the pain lower down at the tailbone or higher up? What was the initial cause of the pain?

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    Thanks Torey for feedback, it is about 4in. from butt crack. i know it is nerve pain. I have been taking morphine sulfate ir 15mg tabs for the pain. and going to pain DR. for it. i am tired of taking meds. for it. Looking for something else.

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    Try the gardens that are on stands. Its a type if container gardening. They are easy to put together and they can be placed on decks for accessibility.