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First, I hope everyone is growing and learning. In addition, I hope everyone is encouraging others to do so.

My name is Sandy. In April, my husband and I started a non-profit, Let It Grow 850, Inc. We are located in Florida. We are hoping to work with local city/town/county officials and doing community gardens, in as many surrounding areas, as we are able. We are starting out closest to home and working outward, from there.

We hope, in doing this, to encourage others to grow their own food. I am a Christian. I don't judge those who are not or treat others badly if they are not. Some do, that's not me. We all have to eat. Today's world is overly politically charged, and I have been involved in all that too, but it is not fun. The state of the world surpasses politics. I wanted to do something that would help others, tremendously, and that would also surpass politics.

I am a conservative, but have friends and acquaintances who are not. That does not bother me. For the longest time, it has bothered me that everything has become increasingly political, even though the problems we face are much larger than that. So, I wanted to bring people together, and impact lives for the better and get people into the positive and out of the negative.

In the USA, we are facing the extreme potential for food shortages and there are shortages happening all over the world. Our new non-profit aims to work with communities, cities, towns, counties and individuals in order to get community gardens started that serve the community. Many community gardens are done by allowing people to pay the local governing body, in order to plant in that raised bed. We will be doing the community garden for the community by way of managing it and assisting. Community members will get to volunteer to help regenerate the soil, plant, weed, water, and care for it, and then harvest to help those in the community like our elderly shut ins first.

The garden's plan is to grow interest, in individuals wanting to plant, teaching them what to do to regenerate their ground so it is more fertile, and get communities back to taking care of their own community. We hope to expand by gaining the interest of young people, who may want to grow at their school campuses and supply the cafeteria with fresh vegetables, berries, and fruit. We hope to spark interest with various church groups, in order to get them planting for their parishioners and immediate community area, which will put the churches back out into the communities, helping people like they used to do.

For me, personally, this is a mission, for the long term. I do not want to see the death caused by food shortages. I do not want watch people starve. I do not want to watch people killed because others are starving, and I do not want to see people being killed, because they are just hungry. In addition, I want to be closer to the way we were all intended to do things.

There will be those people, who take advantage of bad situations and attack others, in one way or another. It would be so much nicer if communities could take in those who are hungry and of like mind, just wanting to survive and be able to eat and feed their families, and who can stand together, to ward off those just looking to exploit a bad situation for their own personal satisfaction.

It will be a lot of hard work, but I am looking forward to it. Our motto is: Growing Food Is Growing Freedom. If those who control the food control the people, shouldn't we people control our own food?

Thank you to anyone who reads this. I hope if you are not already striving to pass along the interest and excitement of working to grow your own food to everyone you meet and see. Such a drastic difference in our immediate future, it could make, if we all doing just that, growing our food and helping others learn and do it for themselves.


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    Welcome Sandy @letitgrow850

    You have found your community of like minded spirits here.! We all love growing food, sharing info and tips, and having fun. We are a mix of people from every walk of life. Officially The Grow Network is non-denominational, non-political, and non-dietary oriented. But we all get along great. @LaurieLovesLearning is our Admin and she won't let difficult or cantankerous people get out of hand.

    Mostly we are all here because we love living off the land and helping in our communities. Yes, I think pretty much everyone here understands the severity of the global situation. Yes, famine very close on the horizon now. Economic collapse, also very close. Gosh, almost everything is collapsing - and honestly that's a good thing. There is rising awareness of the 'controllers' (a.k.a. the ones who tell the WEF, the corporations, and almost all the Governemtnt what to do) and that these people have an agenda that is fundementally evil.

    We get it. But we ar very proactive, hopeful, and optimistic. We avoid continually regurgatating the negative news, although we are aware and it comes up from time to time. But mostly we focus on solutions.


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    Welcome @letitgrow850! As @Marjory Wildcraft said, you are in a community of like minds. We are all over the globe & cover the spectrum of growing zones. We have many friendly, super knowledgeable and experienced folks here.

    We certainly don't all agree on everything, but we have a shared & important focus that binds us together. We are here to learn & teach about growing our own food (both plants & animals), foraging & and creating our own medicines from the plants around us. We also have respect for the knowledge & wisdom of generations past and hope to keep that from becoming lost.

    I do "run a tight ship" as Marjory indicated. 😆 BUT... it is important if we are to keep grounded & balanced in such a crazy time as this. To date, we have been blessed with fantastic members who appreciate the calm "normal" we strive to maintain as a community. Appreciation & respect of the other is a highly esteemed trait within this community and it is important for me to protect that for everyone here.

    I hope you enjoy your time with us and please feel encouraged to share our community with others throughout your day. We'd love to welcome them here as well!

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    Welcome @letitgrow850 you have definitely found the right group, there is a vast knowledge on many different subjects. Also, there are great articles for most every question or interest you might have.

  • letitgrow850
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    Thank you all, for the warm welcome. That is so appreciated. I also think it is great, people on here can have a common respect, for life and humanity. In today's world, if you aren't in one group or another, you are shunned. We are all humans and recognize that we are all different. Thank you all for that. This world needs that one little thing, and the whole world is much nicer with that outlook. I have all kinds of people, in my life, and they are all important to me. The continuity, of human life, depends on recognizing our differences and still being able to say, "hey, I disagree, but see no reason why we can't still be friends and work together". That type of attitude and belief has been so attacked.

    So, I'm thrilled to be here! I am going through the courses and thank you for those!!!! So far, everything is very well put together and appreciated. I am enjoying information, some of which I already knew and some new things that I can put into practice with what we are doing, to make things even better.

    @Marjory Wildcraft I may never would have stumbled over here, to the website, without seeing your interview with Mike Adams on naturalnews.com. I immediately came to the website and started checking it out, after watching. The same thing happened after I watched the interview with Kevin Fretz, Patriot Green Products. You guys rock and Mike Adams gives some very good real world solutions, to things going on. At the very least, he gives a direction people can go in, to check out for themselves and pick a path.

    @LaurieLovesLearning sometimes it takes a tight ship, to make it function, the way it is intended. So much, in our beautiful world, could use that discipline. Thank you for all you do.

    @Lisa K I am seeing that! Love so much I found this place. I really look forward to getting to know more people and learning more, teaching more, and getting some others over here, hopefully, to join this awesome community!

    Thank you all again!

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