Medicinal Shrubs: Berberis (barberry)


  • Torey
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    Berberine is such an important plant constituent for treating infections. I carry Oregon grape root as well as a combo with echinacea & goldenseal in my first aid bag. If there is a wound I will usually use OG as a topical and E&G internally.

    Oregon grape is one that I will add to bitters mixtures.

    I've been trying to find a European barberry without any success. The garden centers and nurseries seem to just carry the purple Japanese variety and I would really prefer to have the European one. But we have so much Oregon grape here that its not a necessity for me to have a barberry. However, its on a wish list. I don't think I have a good climate for goldenseal or any of the other berberine containing plants.

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    Same here. I have two Japanese barberries in my yard, but Oregon grape is everywhere and I use it A LOT!

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