My tiny ponds. A success story

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Some three years ago I dug two little ponds for my bees and the visiting and residential garden birds. At the beginning the ponds were quite sterile, although I use only rain water. My friends brought some plants. They multiplied. Now the ponds are full of life. Bees, of course, come for water, birds drink and bathe… these are the regular residents. But I recently discovered a newt!!! I have lots of different dragonflies and in one of the ponds I have tadpoles. I counted 16!!! Hopefully they develop into frogs. They feed on mosquito larvae. And many snails… interesting how all these creatures appear as if from nowhere. We have no standing water close to us. Only mountain rivers. The closest mountain lake is in two kilometers.

so now I have two real Biotopes. I am quite proud 😊