For those who wonder why they call Alaska..."Land of the Midnight Sun"

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This photo was taken in a town a few hours north of us but is similar to what it's like here where I live. This photo was taken at midnight on June 14th.


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    Beautiful pic.

    I've been as far north as Dawson City, which is almost the same latitude as Fairbanks (a tiny bit south of Fairbanks). It was in July but still very bright out, well past 10:00 at night.

    I would love that but definitely would have a hard time with the extended night during the winter.

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    Wow! Beautiful! I have a friend who lived there for about 7 years. She's told me about it, but I've never seen a picture. Thanks!

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    Thanks for the picture. I was just thinking about that last night. Here at 10 pm, you know its late, but it can feel like 7 pm right now and into some of the summer. I guess as you are busy, your eyes adjust. At 11 pm, it can still be quite bright, even though the sun is long gone.

    At 1:00 am we still have a "glow" across the sky to the north, but more so toward the west, from the setting sun. Of course, it's a glow and not at all like you get. Maybe we are just seeing the edge of your midnight sun! 😄

    In winter, the sun rises at 8-8:30 or so & sets around 4 or 4:30, so it gives us shorter days. On some days, we could go to school & then get home in the dark.

    I'm like @Torey in some ways. I might do okay with extended light, but prolonged darkness would be very difficult.

    This picture was taken at 9 pm last night once we were done paddling on this lake. I would like to print & frame this one (without the date tag, of course). My husband took a different, but equally beautiful picture of another angle just a few minutes later that I'd also like to do this with.

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    @LaurieLovesLearning Beautiful view. Would love to have the lake available. Looks so peaceful, would be a great place to chill after work.

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    Beautiful! My friends moved to Montana and they said that during the summer it can light up to 10 to 11 pm.

    Having it light until late is OK but I agree with @Torey and @LaurieLovesLearning that having it dark during the winter months would be hard.

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    @Lisa K It is surprising how fast you can get used to it. I actually had more trouble adjusting to all the daylight. Would be working or out doing things somewhere and when I finally looked at the time realized it was midnight or later and I had to get up for work in a few hours. lol Had to put heavy room darkening curtains up in the bedroom in order to go to sleep.

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    @vickeym I could see that happening to me as well and even in So. Calif I have black out curtains (street lights).

    How does all of this affect plants and animals?

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    @vickeym It is surprising how you can get used to it, wow. That is relaxing and comfortable feeling at midnight, and its that bright outside.! Thanks for sharing from your beautiful area in our 🌎 world.

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    @Lisa K We have a short growing season but it is amazing how much grows and thrives with so much daylight. Except for this and last year where it is almost all raining. Even so the wild flowers and such are remarkable. Visitors regularly comment on how well the flowers and things grow.

    The animals are used to it as well, so they just do what they normally do.

    Alaska does hold several record for growing the largest of several varieties of fruits and vegetables because of all the daylight, among other factors, I'm sure. Our state fair holds weigh offs every years with officials who can verify the records for the record book.

    This is a link to an earlier post with discussions about the pumpkins and such at our fair. It is amazing to see a 138 pound cabbage or a pumpkin that weighs over 2100 pounds.

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    Wow @vickeym very interesting, thanks!

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    Lovely picture. Here in the South in my area. we don't have sunlight after 8:00 the end of June. I remember going to Puerto Rico when I was young; my husband and I flew there from Rochester, NY. I thought that it would be light for a long time, but instead it was dark and around 6:00 P.M. I knew nothing of geography back then. Now I understand.