Tooth Issues - Resorption?

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Jun 12, 2023, 12:09 AM EDT

Hi Marjory?

Have you ever heard of resorption(it can be external or internal). I lost one tooth from it(I believe from internal resorption). Now another tooth is showing resorption from the

External. It may be an auto immune condition

. My dentist doesn’t seem to know what to do to stop this, as we eat very healthy, etc. I can’t seem to get ayone to answer me on this problem. I don’t want to lose more teeth 




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    Hi @rcbro2 Welcome to TGN's forum.

    I have moved your discussion and changed the title to make it easier to find amongst the health questions.

    I'm tagging @Marjory Wildcraft here for you so there is a better chance of getting an answer from her.

    What is your current regime for your teeth? Are you using any herbs? Or other techniques (oil pulling, water piks, etc.)?

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    Hi~. I am finding this very difficult to figure out how to use this website :( As to your question we take many good supplements and herbs, and also use homeopathic cell salts. I do not use toothpastes with flouride or other harmful substances. I use coconut oil with baking soda and a very good toothpaste to brush with. I often rinse with a little bit of hydrogen peroxide in water and then rinse with plain water. I have tried oil pulling but do not do it regularly. Because I seem to do all the right things and eat VERY healthy my dentist is as baffled as my husband and I as to why I have this resorption problem🤷‍♀️. I really wish someone could help! I can’t afford to go to a biological dentist as it would be out of our pocket. Our medicare advantage(premera) plan does not pay for them, and we already pay out of pocket to go to a licensed Naturopath, as we will NOT do medical( have NO trust in them). Are there any biological dentists you know and could ask? Thank-you! Sincerely~Carol

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    @rcbro2 Here is a link to several discussions that might assist you with navigating our forum.

    If you go to the blog page and type "tooth damage" into the search box, you will get quite a few articles come up. I'm not sure if any of them will help you or not.

    From an herbal perspective, you might want to try some of the preparations with horsetail to help re-mineralize your teeth. There are several article in the blog about horsetail. You might want to reconsider the peroxide. There is quite a bit of research into peroxide's damaging effects to collagen, dentin and enamel. If you are looking for something that is antibacterial, then a rinse with myrrh tincture is a good choice.

    Have you seen the "Alternatives to Dentists" program in TGN's store?

    I am in Canada so I'm afraid I can't help you with any suggestions for dental care. I am fortunate enough to have a holistic dentist but I doubt he would have any sort of list of practitioners in the US. And he's not the kind of guy I could just call and ask question without being charged.

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    @rcbro2 Welcome to the forum! If you have any questions about navigating the forum other than what is covered in the tutorials in the link above, please contact me through a private message (click on my screen name and you will see options come up). I am currently working on ways to improve the forum. Thanks!

    I will second the comment on hydrogen peroxide. If you are open to making DIY toothpowder, you might want to also consider adding hydroxyapatite. I have read that zylitol will help absorption. I'm not a huge fan of zylitol because it might not be so great fo the body, but this is the claim.

    Be aware that as much as myrrh tincture is good, it tastes bad... so just a heads up.

    I've read that coconut oil, just like glycerin, can block absorption of the minerals needed to repair enamel. Oil pulling might be a better use of the oil. Just do it after instead of before brushing.

    We have come up against a baffling tooth enamel phenomenon as well in our household. Maybe what you have experienced is what we are going through. We just don't have a name for it. It is frustrating when you don't know what the cause is. We suspect the contents in the municipal water and possbly the chemical use in the surrounding fields are possibly causing this damage. It is interesting that the dentist we went to never mentioned this issue we had with our teeth. I always wondered about that.

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    I had a moment to look up what this was. We are facing a different problem here.

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    To Torey and Laurie,

    Just so all know, Resorption is the gums, NOT the enamel of the teeth. My teeth are just fine, and hyrdrogen peroxide has not bothered them at all(I NEVER leave it on my teeth anyway....I only rinse with Hyd. per. and then rinse it with plain water). Somethiing happens in the gums which causes like an infection in the gum, and wherever it happens the tooth there has to come out so as not to affect the whole mouth. I have one started on the upper gum on the right. The other place it happened was on the left.

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    Also, coconut oil is VERY good and advised by many great dentists.

    Also the resorption affects the root in the gum, not the enamel of the teeth.

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    Teeth are a very personal/emotional matter. Loss can feel scary & humbling/shaming and in some cases, even devastating. Infection in the mouth can be dangerous, adding to it all. I hope we can give some helpful support. We are trying as we wait for @Marjory Wildcraft to arrive in this discussion.

    To clarify, I didn't state that coconut oil wasn't good for the teeth. But, the timing of when it's used makes a difference. I had done a lot of reading on this in the past due to our struggle with what appears to be enamel loss with no apparent obvious cause. I do fully agree that coconut oil can be beneficial to teeth.

    I find resorption to be interesting. I am trying to understand it. I have found in the past that sometimes experts (both trained or self-proclaimed) & online sources don't always hold the answers we seek. I had this issue when wading through all the online (& doctors', health experts, & book) junk about thyroid. It took me very many years to extract the truth from all the proverbial weeds. It was frustrating to say the least! This could be like that... that the answer is elusive & just hiding somewhere. I understand the struggle of searching for answers.

    So then, I have questions for you. Do you know what happens inside the gums to cause the infection? Is it a bacterial or viral infection? Is it fully internal or does the infection sneak in where the teeth meet the gums or somehow through the tooth?

    I don't know your diet, but sometimes tweaking even the best diet can help issues. Sometimes, like I said, it can even be hidden things in our water, air or inside/outside environments. To add to that, it could be a combination of factors. Unfortunately these days, we are steadily bombarded with unnatural & harmful chemicals.

    As @Torey stated, myrrh is good inside the mouth. It can be used as a safe mouthwash, so it could possibly help with the external. It will fight bacteria, but if this issue starts from within the gums, that would make me wonder what is not quite working right within the body. I would not know how to move forward with investigating that.

    I know that in many health conditions, the diet is looked at first. Then the liver, kidneys & skin are given herbal support so that the elimination passageways are working well. Then support for digestion is looked into. Following that, then herbs for more targeted conditions come into play. This is where I'd get stuck if more was needed, because I don't know the cause of the infection.

    Do you brush your gums regularly? That is good for them.

    I was just rereading your first post. Would you be able to further clarify what you understand the difference between internal & external could be? What is the indicator that one was likely internal & now the other is external? Are you able to clarify at all what autoimmune condition you might have... or if that is even a mystery. It might help give us more direction.

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    I think the last one went into an infection, but not sure?? I also don't know if it's an autoimmune

    condition?? According to the above link it doesn't seem to be. I do still wear my retainers every night, as I am 72 years old and had braces when I was about 20 years old, and I don't want my teeth to move. It could be a cause, but as said, not necessarily.

    I had Hashimoto's Thyroiditis in the past but conquered it with good diet and supplements.

    I do brush my gums but not regularly, and I started brushing my tongue.

    I will NOT have a root canal....not good. I once had one, and it had to come back out, as the infection just wouldn't go away. I would love to go to a good biological dentist, but it's too expensive :-( Everything comes out of our pocket, and when on social security that's difficult, and my husband is 73, and still works part-time but is laid off right now due to the economy.

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    I would skip the hydrogen peroxide as it can damage tissues.

    My mother, a denture wearer, had her jawbone partially dissolve on one side of her mouth. She was told that the jaw could break at any time. The experts never told her what caused the situation, but she had throat cancer and they irradiated her neck (to second degree burn level) to eradicate the cancer. The radiation destroyed her salivary glands, and, in my opinion, damaged her jaw bone.

    It sounds like you are living healthy; think back to any medication, etc., just in case they relate.

    Good luck to you.

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    A few takeaway quotes on this last article for those who might not want to read it all:

    "(External) Such injuries normally occur due to trauma, tooth grinding, using different orthodontic appliances like braces for a long time, or tooth bleaching."

    "In the case of internal resorption, the most common cause is trauma to the teeth following an untreated cavity or abscess."

    "Root resorption normally affects 5 to 10% of the general population who have never undergone any type of orthodontic treatment. It is considered among the most common causes of tooth loss."

    Of course, there is much more to the article.

    @rcbro2 Congratulations on figuring out your thyroid issues. That's no small feat.

    From this article, I would not think this condition has anything to do with an autoimmune condition, nor is it one.

    I wonder if you should talk to your dentist about the retainer use and if it isn't actually necessary anymore? Maybe they would be able to put your mind at ease. I can see that being freeing at the very least.

    A few possible connections seemed to pop out to me from this article & what you've shared. I'm wondering if the brief peroxide is still just too much exposure. I wonder about the retainer as well. You also said you'd had braces & also mouth trauma from previous things like the root canal. These are what I think I'd look into further.

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    So much to investigate