Medicinal Shrubs and Woody Vines: Callicarpa, American Beautyberry


  • Torey
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    I would very much like to have one of these plants (or more than one). But zone 7-11 is a bit out of reach for me. Although, maybe if I planted it in a very sheltered location, it might survive. I have a zone 6 plant living here. My daughter has a zone 8 rose that survived last winter (when many other hardy things didn't), so I might have a chance.

    I looked to see if there is anywhere in BC that carries them and found a couple of nurseries in the Vancouver area. If I am down there at the appropriate time I might get one to try. I see there is a white berried variety as well.

    The fact that it is repellent against fire ants should grab everyone's attention. They haven't made their way this far north yet, but have invaded several locations in the south coastal areas of BC.

    Have you used the berries for jelly or wine, Judson?

  • judsoncarroll4
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    No, I'm in zone 5b, so I don't have any on my property. Maybe next time I am traveling in the eastern part of the state I can try some. I am definitely beginning to notice the limits of living in such a cold zone..... not sure yet what I might do, but I do need a longer growing season.