Drones picking apples... AI and the future of food is here.

If you recall, a few years ago I had the priviledge to interview Dr. Kai Fu-Lee - a self made billionaire who was an expert in AI. My questions were directed towards the impact AI would have on food production, and backyard food production in particular.

He predicted that by the end of this decade (so to 2030) 40% of all jobs could be / would be done by AI and robotics.

And as we march through these years, we are seeing it unfold. Alsmot in slow motion? But relentless and the pace is picking up each year.

Here is the interview I did with Lee, and down below that is the article with a video showing the robot picking apples. It even decides the sugar level and if there are any diseases.


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    @Marjory Wildcraft thank you for sharing with us. I picked up a bag of organic Fuji last week and they were smaller apples than the week before and there were 9 in a bag. This week I picked up a bag and they were a lot smaller and there were 16 in a bag.

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    This tech might be here, but I am not a huge fan. It takes away jobs and these things never stay in the realm of "good." I view these things not as helpers, but in fact a Trojan horse that is easily fitting into all the craziness in our world today. It looks good and could be used for good, but something lies beneath that isn't so pleasant.

    The tech spoken of removes the human equation if being in touch with your food. As humans, we need to make a dedicated effort to stay in close touch with our food and not "outsource" it to machines & industry "experts." We need to encourage people to know both basic and advanced gardening skills, not encourage them to invent things that take these skills away. This is what TGN is about, and this tech is one way to destroy this age-old practice of passing the wealth of knowledge down to next generations.

    Once those skills are removed from our society, we can no longer be independent and are no longer free, but slaves.

    We already can see this in the agricultural sector. Farmers are too dependent. They are no longer free farmers, but are slaves to their masters... the ag machine & chemical companies & the bank. Most have lost the knowledge & wisdom of their ancestors, even as recent as their grandparents.

    I had watched this interview in the past. It made me very uncomfortable and I was not comfortable with this guest's body language and the way he spoke around some questions & statements. I found it more concerning than encouraging or exciting, to be honest.

    That's my two cents, I guess.

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    It sounds like some, [Doctor Who] story with the machines coming and wiping out human kind, and the Doctor time travels to stop them from their destruction of humans.

    And yes, I agree that robotics and AI are being incorporated into human lives, daily for some. Soon blue-collar jobs will be taken over by AI as they are more efficient. Many people will be without jobs, homes because if you don’t own your home, there may not be any jobs available to make house payments.

    We are already co-existing with many AI units that walk among us.

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    I remember that episode of Doctor Who. I also agree I don't think AI is in our best interests in most cases. It is definitely something I find concerning.