How do you store your seeds?

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I have always stored mine in a plastic bag or an old #10 tin. I did put some into the freezer too.

What do you store your seeds in?


  • Michelle D
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    As funny as it might sound, I keep most of my seeds in a safe in my basement. This is not because I'm worried about them being stolen. I have found that there is much less of a temperature fluctuation and low humidity that way even though I live in an area with constant high humidity.

  • Lisa K
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    Most of my seeds are kept in airtight containers with the silica packs, then stored in a cabinet in my downstairs office which is on the north side to keeps cool. They are sorted by warm and cold weather, vegetables/herbs/medicinal herbs/flowers.

    The seeds that I collect from my plants I keep in the orange bottles that prescriptions come in.

    I do have my American ginseng in the refrigerator.

  • VermontCathy
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    It depends on the type of seed.

    With most seeds, you want to get them extremely dry so that they won't sprout. But with tropical fruit, such as citrus, if the seed dries out completely it will die.

    Pea seeds should be frozen for a week or so in the deep freeze after drying them out. If frozen while still moist inside, the freezing will kill them. But the freezing is necessary because most pea seeds are likely to have insect eggs in them, and if not killed before storage, they will destroy the seed from the inside.

    Onion seeds don't realiably remain viable, even when stored properly. Plant them the next season if at all possible.

    Regardless of seed type, you want to store them in a cool, dark, and dry place.

    My preferred method now is to put reasonably dry seeds in glass mason jars with metal lids and put dessicant silica packets in them. This has worked pretty well.

  • annbeck62
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    I store my seeds in the fridge. I live in a very humid climate and this keeps them sproutable for several years.

  • fiona
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    In a large plastic tote. Nothing special. I'm trying to save seeds every season so that I don't have to worry about long-term seed storage.

    Someone here mentioned mason jars. I use glass jars too (I save all glass jars of all kinds & sizes), especially great for Kale seeds (there being so many of those to store) dry beans too.

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    @dipat2005 Thank you for starting this thread. It is quite interesting and informational. And thanks to everyone else for sharing their plans and ideas.

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    @vickeym I really appreciate all of the ideas and everyone's input.