Cucumber Agua Fresca

Megan Venturella
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I wanted to share a recipe I found on the NYT recipe site. You have to subscribe to see their recipes, so I’ll do my best to rephrase it here. It’s a great way to go through cucumbers and mint and really very refreshing.

2 English cucumbers

3 inches of peeled ginger

zest and juice of 1 lime

Chunk up the ginger and cucumber and add it to a blender with the lime and a cup of water. Blend it on high, and then strain it into a pitcher, pressing on the chunky bits to squeeze out the moisture. Sweeten it with mint syrup and pour it over ice. If I don’t have mint syrup, I substituted honey, and if I’m out of limes no one complains if that’s missing either. Some ginger is spicier than other ginger, so you can always start with a smaller piece and see how you like the flavor.

To make mint syrup, boil equal amounts of sugar and water. Add as much mint as you can fit, make sure it comes back to a boil, and remove it from the heat. Strain it after it has cooled and store it in the refrigerator.

I use the mint syrup in the cucumber drink and also add it to milk or water if I’m in the mood. No, diabetes is not my goal, but if you live where the summers are sweltering, sometimes you just need a cold sweet drink!


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