Medicinal Shrubs and Woody Vines: Clematis


  • Torey
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    In BC we have 4 species of Clematis; one is introduced (C. vitalba). The three native species are White Virgin's Bower - C. lugusticifolia, Purple Virgin's Bower - C. occidentalis and Golden Virgin's Bower -C. tangutica. The purple one grows in my immediate area and I am at the northern limit for the white one so it is found in micro-climates in my area. The yellow one is a couple of hours south of me. I'm sure there are other domesticated species that have become naturalized in the gardens they were planted in. I have one (not sure of the species), that has spread in my garden.

    I've never used clematis herbally. If I were to do so, I think I would limit its use to topical. I found it interesting it is listed as a substitute for cantharides for removing warts. That is something that I am going to research a bit more.

    If I did find something that clematis was indicated for internally, I would probably choose the homeopathic version to avoid any of the nasty side effects with the herbal product.

  • Linda Bittle
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    I love Clematis in the garden! Funny story. A dear friend with a medical background cannot recall the name of this plant to save her life. She invariably calls it "that chlamydia vine".

  • judsoncarroll4
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    I don't think it is one I would use internally at all, but it does have some interesting uses.