Dogs & vaccines & holistic care

This is a long video, but I think it will be interesting to many of you who have dogs.


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    Thank you😇

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    @LaurieLovesLearning thanks for sharing this one. The pet industry is just like the food, pharmaceutical, chemical industry, $$$$ + emotional blackmail.

    I have had dogs & cats as pets all my life & hardly ever go to the vet. I currently live in a tick area, so I have been administering a chewable product that supposedly eradicates ticks, fleas & worms. I hate doing so but would be devastated if my “kids” died from paralysis tick. So I wrestle constantly with that + its so expensive.

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    @LaurieLovesLearning thank you so much for sharing this. I haven't had a chance to look at it yet but I will probably do it with my husband. We both get so frustrated with the vet wanting to give the dog tons of unnecessary shots and they just want to argue when we decline. It will be nice to have some extra info moving forward.

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    I got light glares when I said "rabies only" for our pups at a community vax clinic this spring. I know the vets didn't like what I said. We got them done earlier than the 6 months because they encountered a skunk with the older dogs. Rabies is our biggest concern here and that's all we get our dogs.

    We don't mingle our dogs with others because socializing with other dogs from elsewhere fully defeats the purpose of having them in a farm setting. I don’t appreciate when someone brings their dog here without asking first because bringing them is cruel & dangerous to both party's dogs (and the answer would always be a firm NO).

    I have never known a barn cat to be vaccinated. That would get awfully expensive too. Our indoor ones never mingle, so there is no point in pumping them with anything.

    Our cows will only have vaccines (maybe) if they came with any. Born here = no vaccines.

    Our pigs are never done by us. If they have had any when we bought them, that's all they get. They are our food after all, just like the cattle produce food.

    I never get vaccinated chicks & always feed them non medicated feed. I will not go to poultry shows nor sales. That's very risky and I don't encourage participation in either. It's too much risk to my breeders and a lot of hassle should anything came back with a show or new bird, and that can be a high probability.

    As for our horse, she was vaccinated for west Nile years ago before we got her. We had learned prior to getting her that it can be a bad vaccine & had been known to cause bad birth defects in foals. We have never gotten her any vaccines, and you know what? She's as healthy as a horse. 😆

    As these vets said, I do agree that lifestyle (and purpose) is an important factor when deciding to do the vaccines for dogs/pets.