Productivity of green beans

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I am growing French filet beans using two varieties, Emerite and Fortex. Fortex are larger and slightly better optimized for the hottest days of summer.

This bowl is a single day's picking from a bed about 4 ft x 8 ft. You don't need much space to grow pole beans.

Some of the beans are huge!

I highly recommend these green bean varieties to everyone. They don't need much space, will climb vertically on a simple tripod made from branches and twine, and produce an amazing amount of food that is easily blanched and frozen.


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    I raised bush beans like I do most every year. They were heavily populated and long. I used two packages (different) from Ferry Morse that I got locally.

    @VermontCathy I like the longer skinnier beans a lot better. Some of my beans got lost amongst the green leaves and got fat.

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    Fortex and Emerite will produce skinny beans if you pick them frequently enough. The thick ones shown in my picture are what you get when you are a little slow to harvest.

    The thinner ones are better for eating fresh or frozen. The thick ones work extremely well for canning dilly beans or making Sichuan hot and numbing beans. The hot vinegar fluid does a lot to soften them.

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    Thanks! Going to try them next year. I planted several types that didn't do as well as I wanted. My yard long beans of both colors did great though.