Why use a quart jar for Sweet Annie Tincture?

I just opened my Sweet Annie kit. It says to use a quart jar and cover the herbal powder with alcohol. If the kit yields only 4 ounces, why use a quart jar? The instructions don't say how much vodka to use. You can't "cover" the powder as it floats to the surface of whatever liquid is added. I poured about half of the jar full of vodka. This might make for a very weak tincture. Your thoughts please?


  • Linda Bittle
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    Often the herb will take up some of the alcohol and need more added after a day or two. I tend to stir mine up or shake really well twice a day for a week and add more alcohol as needed to keep it covered. You can squeeze out a lot of the liquid, but you will never get it all out when you decant the tincture at the end. The main reason to use a larger jar is so that you don't lose the good stuff if it overflows the top, which can happen as the dried herb soaks up the alcohol.

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    @pksalisbury Welcome to the forum.

    What I've done is put the herb in the jar, then mark the jar where the top of the herb is in the jar. Then I put the menstrum (vodka for tincture) in the jar. Often it is said to put a couple inches over the level of your marked line. This amount can vary depending on your herb. Keep in mind that I am more familiar with using fresh or dried herbs than a powder.

    I do not have experience with this kit (I'm in Canada and this kit can't be shipped across international borders). But, according to the instructions that you relayed, the vodka should just cover the herb, and then you add more as needed. Linda Bittle gave good instructions on all of that and the reason for a larger jar.

    Enjoy your tincture!

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    I started my first batch today, should be ready after Christmas... Now, I can't remember what it is good for! 😊 Dosage is two or three drops, ok, but, umm, for what? I have a great memory, but it's really, really short!

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    @Bob. I don't have that specific kit, but I know that sweet anne can be used for fighting infection and also for joint pain.

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    @Bob. This is the info from the shopping page.

    Benefits of Sweet Annie

    Sweet Annie (Artemisia annua) is an herb used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for centuries. It has a long history of use supporting a healthy immune system and promoting overall well-being. The benefits and uses of Sweet Annie include:

    • Anti-Malarial – Sweet Annie contains Artemisinin, a compound used in holistic and pharmaceutical anti-malaria treatments.
    • Anti-Inflammatory – Chronic inflammation is linked to various health problems, such as heart disease, cancer, arthritis, and more.
    • Anti-Cancer – While more research is needed, some studies suggest Sweet Annie may have significant anti-cancer properties against various cancers, with less risk of side effects than conventional medications.
    • Topical Application – Sweet Annie is often used directly on the skin to assist healing, diminish scars, safeguard skin from infection, and to reduce pain from arthritis, sprains, and nerve problems.
    • Immune Boosting – Supports a healthy immune system. Some studies suggest that Sweet Annie may be beneficial for auto-immune conditions. More research is needed.
    • Anti-Microbial – Sweet Annie has anti-viral and anti-fungal properties against various common invaders. It can be used topically and internally.
    • Antioxidant – Free radicals can damage your cells, contributing to disease and the effects of aging. Help to protect yourself with high-antioxidant herbs and foods.
    • Seasonal Allergies – Traditionally, Sweet Annie has been used under the tongue as a way of reducing or preventing hay fever and other seasonal allergies.

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    @LaurieLovesLearning Never thought of marking the level of the herb before---I will definitely do this from now on!

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    @Bob. Welcome to the forum! Please leave an introduction in the Introductions section. If you are from North America, please put your post in the appropriate area, either the US or Canada. Thanks!

    I would put a short summary of the uses of the tincture on the jar, along with dosage & date (including the year made).

    Congratulations on getting a tincture made. Is this your first dive into making tinctures?