Jason’s Miracle Pine Salve

@Jason's Works posted his recipe in Beekeeping. I think it deserves its own space!

My pine salve recipe:

Jason’s Miracle Pine Salve


½ lb of pine sap, soft or hard. (Pinyon has the most abundant sap)

½ lb of coconut oil

1/8 lb (2oz) bees wax

(Optional - 15 drops vitamin E (45,000 I.U.) )



Melt oil, sap, and bees wax in a double boiler for approximately 1-3 hours or until all the ingredients are melted and there is a clump of thick brown woody material left in the oil/sap mixture. A glass quart jar in a saucepan is best, it is very messy. This jar will be dedicated for this. I like to place wooden skewer sticks under the jar to keep the jar from bouncing and possibly breaking from all the bubbles from the boiling water.

Once fully infused, remove from heat and remove the thick brown woody material and save for excellent fire-starting blocks. Place on card board and let cool. I like to use a small tree branch or paint stick to mix with and to use to pull out the woody material when it is finished. It should look like hot woody bubble gum and will harden to a rigid yet brittle consistency.

If you opt to use the Vitamin E oil, add to an empty glass quart jar and filter the oil/sap mixture through two layers of cheesecloth into the jar, mix well. While the salve is still liquid, fill containers of your choice to be used. (I like to use a Styrofoam coffee cup with a sip lid to pour the liquid salve into the containers.) No need to clean the glass quart containers, as it is impossible, just leave for the next batch.

Store in a cool dark place and it should last for years if not decades as coconut oil is very stable. Feel free to add other oils, tallow, butters and herbs such as shea butter and comfrey but be aware of their shelf life. Add more beeswax to stiffen the salve and less to soften it. 

I typically do one large batch a year using a half gallon glass canning jar filling it with 1:1 in weight with coconut oil and pine sap and then calculating the wax needed. This is enough for my daily deodorant and wound healing for me and my animals throughout the year. Wound healing is approximately 3x faster. There is no redness around the wound as the salve stops infection so the body can focus solely on healing.