Coolest plant tag ever! Easy to make - and from recycled cans

If you are like me, you are absolutely certain you will remember that plants name as you are putting it in the ground.

And then two weeks later. Or it might even be the next day....

Uh, what was that again?

A friend, Joe Jarvis who is a writer for Sovereign Man, came by the other day with some gift trees.

And oh yes, I loved the trees. But what excited me more was the little plant tags that came with them.

I used to use pencil on bits of old window blinds. Sharpies definitely fade in a short time. Pen also evaporates. Pencil will hold on for a good while, although it is faint and gets smeared sometimes.

Joe's little sign (actually his friend Peter made the sign) was from an aluminum can and the lettering is done simply with a nail or old ball point pen. His lettering is very nice isn't it?

I am thinking of punching a small hole in a corner and hanging the tag on a low branh versus the little stand he made.

Either way, such a good solution.