Candy thermometers for canning jellies

I use a candy thermometer to make apple jelly. It takes a lot of the guesswork out of the usual process of dripping jelly off of a wooden spoon, trying to tell when the jelly is ready to be poured into the jars to set. You just keep boiling, reducing the heat when the temperature starts to creep above 100C/212F (indicating that the water has boiled away), then taking it off the heat when it reaches 220F.

But the only candy thermometer I have been able to buy is too tall to be clipped on the edge of the fairly large saucepan (the largest one I own). I would need a taller saucepan or a shorter candy thermometer. So I have to awkardly hold the thermometer in the pan at an angle, wait to see what the temperature is, put the thermometer down, putter around the kitchen, stir the jelly, put the thermometer back in the jelly, and so forth until the temperature has clearly exceeded 100C/212F.

Has anyone hear come up with a good, easily purchased candy thermometer/saucepan combo for making jelly?