Are the leaves and stalks - as opposed to the seeds - of celery ever medicinal?

I found quite a few volunteer celery plants merrily growing in our orchard pasture this year. Some seem to be of the fully "green" varieties I planted in my wicking tubs last spring and this spring. and several seem to have crossed with the skinny red-stalked celery I planted near the front yard five years ago and which has happily naturalized there each year since. I tasted several leaves and stalks and, WOW, they are pungent! I've been looking for info about using them for medicine, it seems like they may have an affinity for the kidneys and bladder but that's just a guess, does anybody know about making medicine from celery leaves and stalks? I don't know if they'll develop fast enough to go to seed, so I'm hoping I can harvest the vegetative parts for something. I think they would bowl you over if I tried to cook with them in a conventional way.

Any help appreciated. Thanks!


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    I dry the leaves and use them in any recipe calling for celery when I don't have any fresh. Soups, stews, sauces.

    Celery leaves are high in antioxidants (helping to reduce inflammation, prevent cancer and lower the risk for cardiovascular disease). Possible hypotensive effects. There is some research ongoing suggesting that a compound found in celery leaves may increase male fertility. Due to the mineral content and high fibre, celery is considered a nutritive.

    Its usually the seeds that are used for kidney and bladder issues but the leaves of many of the plants in this family are going to be more or less diuretic. I've never noticed that effect from using celery leaf as a spice but if you were adding a lot of celery to a smoothie or juicing it, then you probably will get more of an effect. I can't imagine adding much to a smoothie, though. You can really taste even a small amount.

    One of my celery plants went to seed this year (first year plants). I think it must have been due to our crazy temperature swings.