Show 154: Mugwort and Chili Oil


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    You've pretty much covered everything about mugwort here.

    I will say, though, that if you are going to plant mugwort, you will have it forever.

    I planted it once several years ago and I find it not only throughout my garden but in many other places in my yard.

    While I have been developing a taste for hot chilis, my taste buds aren't quite ready for what you are describing. But I'm working on getting to that point (maybe, lol).

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    I guess that is why it is called artemisia vulgaris... way too common in some places! One reason why I wanted to describe how to make chili oil is so people can tailor it to their own tastes and heat tolerance. You could easily use the other spices with either less chili flake or a milder dried pepper, and have an aromatic, flavorful, but less hot version.