Lymphedema questions

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I have a client dealing with severe lymphedema to the point her ankles are like 20 inches or larger. They have her doing compression therapy and so on.

My problem may or may not be related.

I have been going to the doctor since March with concerns about what started as an oval shaped lump about an inch and a half long and maybe a half inch wide, very red in the main part and quite hard. They have sent me for two ultra sounds, a vein test, given me a course of antibiotics, done a biopsy and have me currently using a steroidal ointment and are scheduling me to see a dermatologist.

So far all they have been able to tell me is that it is not bacterial, fungal or cancerous. I happened to see my client yesterday right after her compression therapy treatment. We got to talking about it. And it seems very similar to what I am dealing with, just much further advanced.

My small spot is now the full front side of my leg, probably three inches tall or so and reaches from one side of my leg al the way around to the other side. Very hard in a patch about three inches by 3 inches and swollen for the remainder but still spongy. And it is getting more painful than the original tingly feeling when you touched it.

What I have found in my reading so far says if it is lymphedema it is not curable but can sometimes be maintained, It seems to be a lymph issue where fluid is not being removed or circulated properly.

Any recommendations for herbs or homeopathic remedies that might help for something like this?

My client can barely walk, and can't climb steps at all. I don't want to get to that point. Wondering if something to help lymph support could slow this or stop it.


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    Clovers helps move lymph. Proper massage would help do the same. Both should help maintain, I would think, but to be honest, I don't know much about lymphedema.

    I know we've chatted here about lymphatic drainage & herbs in the past. @Torey had good advice.

    Have you tried a search on here?

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    @vickeym I’m not familiar with lymphedema but I know cherries/juice and omega3 (chia seeds are a source) both help with foot swelling. I also read that cold laser therapy can help as it helps with circulation and healing.

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    Sorry, I thought I had responded already. @LaurieLovesLearning, yes, I have been going through a lot of older posts including these. Thank you for the reminder.

    @Karon , thank you for the information. Will look into both of these.