Simple tool to break down beeswax blocks

I'm here to help the salve makers here save some money. Who doesn't like that?

We all know that bricks cost less than pastilles, but bricks of beeswax are not fun to deal with.

My husband encouraged me to get some beeswax (a good price) at the craft sale so I can get by for a while. We will talk to some beekeepers about getting wax to purify later. I had told him about the difficulties getting chunks off and the length of time it takes to melt those down into oil. He said we'd see what we can figure out.

So, yesterday evening, he got pretty excited about the idea of using a certain woodworking rasp he had but doesn't use. Apparently, we have two from garage sale/auction buckets. Those buckets are the odds and ends that people throw together in hopes of just getting rid of them if someone sees something in that bucket that they can't live without.

I have to say after trying it that it works so smoothly & easily. You apply very little pressure (light like lymphatic massage type of light) as you glide the tool along the brick. There is no hurt to my hands at all (so wonderful since they are now always either numb or tingly). The pieces coming off the brick are so fine.

I got excited, as it is almost kind of fun. 😆 So effortless!

Here is this awesome, inexpensive tool that I think all people who work with beeswax should own. Also, if you ever need replacement blades, they are super inexpensive as well.