Using a solo stove + a cookie sheet with sand + a cast iron pan to make bread..

mart85 Posts: 38 ✭✭✭

I have found a way to use a solo type stove with cooking pizza. I use a 20 inch cast iron pan, and underneath that I put 2 - 3 inches of sand in a pan. The sand diffuses the heat on the cast iron pan, I was able to cook this up in 40 min . The bread turned out awesome with that smoked flavor. I now have put in some peppers with cheese inside creating my own "hot pockets" for my next experiment. Took some bread over to a friend and they approved! Only took 1 load and 2 sticks for the first round I am sure that if I had more ready I could up production on this setup quickly... I hope to be able to make hot pockets that I can toss in the freezer for later.