Interview with Andy Scheckman on protecting your wealth with precious metals

I sat down with Andy Scheckman to discuss how to protect your wealth in todays chaotic world.

We discussed:

- BRICS and de-dollarization

- the event that will trigger the sudden collapse of the dollar

- the timeframe it is happening in

- which big bank is most likely to fail next

- how high the price of silver and gold can go, and how markets will react

- why silver is less than half of it's all time high (in 1980!) when everything else is so expensive

- how to protect your home (or be able to buy one) very inexpnsively

- what forms of silver are best for small investors

I've got a bunch of those just like in the photo!

Buy your silver from Andy at

or call +19529297006

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Note the audio is not the best, but I feel the information is so importnat right now I'm publishing it anyway. You'll get it :)