Recipes that use jam/jelly?

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I have canned way too much strawberry jam, blueberry jam, apple jelly, apple butter, and apple chutney over the last couple of years.

While I have given some away, I really need more ways to use them. About the only thing we do with the jams and jellies is serve them on toast.

Please post some lunch and dinner recipes in this thread that use these fruit preserves as a key ingredient!

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  • judsoncarroll4
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    Most all natural jams and jellies are very good used in moderate mounts with baked ham. I usually use such as a marinade or glaze . If I was roasting a normal sized ham, I'd mix a 1/4th to even a half cup with a little mustard, vinegar and olive oil, salt pepper herbs and spices to taste. Of course, jam cakes are great too, and trifles.

  • VermontCathy
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    @judsoncarroll4 Good thought, Judson.

    I bake ham in a Dijon/maple syrup mix with canned fruit, so a fruit ham or preserve could be similar, replacing the maple syrup.

    Don't tell my Vermont neighbors that I am replacing the maple syrup. πŸ˜‰


  • shllnzl
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    The jams are good on beef and chicken as well, sort of a marinade/glaze.

  • Torey
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    Here is one for bars that uses nearly a cup of jam.

    This one uses a jam made with blackberries and chia seeds but I think you could substitute any jam.

    You could use the jam/jelly as a base for BBQ sauce. Or just thin it out with a bit of bourbon or whisky, add a bit of heat (your choice of hot pepper) and paint that on chops, roasts or chicken while cooking.

    Blueberry jam on baked brie or camembert. Yumm!

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    Apple butter is great with pork! We also like peanut butter sandwiches and making them with apple butter or other jellies, jams and butters would be great as well. Makes a great light lunch or a bite when your on the road, out shopping, Doctor visits, etc.

    For us even a trip to buy groceries is pretty much an all day thing as our little village only has one expensive grocery store, no clothing stores, shoe stores, feed stores, department stores or anything except a few gift shops or restaurants aimed at the summer tourists. So we have to drive almost 2 hours each way to the nearest town that has a variety of stores and shops.

    We have also poured a bit of jelly over cream cheese and spread on crackers for a snack or appetizer for dinner guests. Many cakes and cookies are made into something better or even a bit "fancy" with a small spoon of jelly on top, or a layer of jelly, jam or whatever spread between layers of cake. Making rolls or logs with cake.

    Add a spoonful to hot chocolate or other beverage for a touch of flavor.

    Can you tell I kinda have a sweet tooth? LOL

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