Drug for tooth regrowth

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I read about this today. It sounds great, but drugs usually come with problems & new ones with high price tags. Although, it's not like the current alternatives are perfect.




  • water2world
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    Very interesting article. Hope to hear more about it, and you are right---new drugs usually mean high prices, and side effects.

  • Torey
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    I was at the dentist on Thursday and I meant to ask him about this but forgot all about it. More concerned with my current dental work (4 hours in the chair).

    Its an interesting concept, however, I don't know enough about monoclonal antibodies and their side effects to make a judgement. It will require quite a bit more research.

    I agree, if it comes to be a treatment option for people, I would think that it would only be for the wealthy.

  • Michelle D
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    Oh wow this is very intriguing. I do wonder about what the downsides would be long term.