Themed gardens

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I like unusual plants. I'm sure everyone here knows that by now. ๐Ÿ˜†

This online seed store (update... I'm not sure how legitimate the site is, but it's fun to look through)

got me to thinking of themed gardens (edible/decorative/mixed). I know some people have done animal themed (elephant ears, etc.) or color themed gardens.

Has anyone scoured the internet for giant versions of edibles before? One local site ( in Manitoba) has the "usual" Dills giant pumpkin seeds, giant watermelon & giant sunflower (I can't seem to grow any of these here ๐Ÿคช).

The site that I posted the link to above has quite a few other giant varieties. If only they were less expensive so as not to hurt the pocketbook so badly if they didn't grow well here.

What other themes have you done?


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    I tried to do a herb garden in a traditional English knot many years ago, early in my gardening life. Not a success. Too many different requirements for each species.

    Perhaps if I had organized it according to native climates. Like a Mediterranean herb garden or a shade herb garden, so they would have more in common for light, soil type, watering, etc.

    This is another site for giant veggie seeds. Cost per package isn't bad on first glance but the number of seeds is very small in some packages.

    I've grown the giant red mustard before and now it comes back every year in various spots. Its a really nice tasting mustard green.