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I'm hyper-focused this evening. πŸ˜† I've been thinking of challenges that our community can plan to hold to help build up our community!

Perhaps each year we could pick a different theme. It could be quite fun & hopefully it could be a manageable project for each member who wants to take on the challenge.

I could be anything "grow/make your own"... indoor/outdoor plants, animals, foraging, medicine making, crafting for exchange or otherwise, design of any type (any type of garden, garden methods), herb related, do something small to make a difference for your local community, cooking or baking, recipes... Please don't be afraid to think outside the box.

Here are my ideas so far:

1. Giant plants challenge:

2. Growing zone growing challenge (everyone in each zone competes with one specific variety, or similar) and compares notes.

3. A challenge to grow a bit extra in a portion your garden to give away to someone who actually really is in need, or to give to your local food bank (check to see what they can accept & desperately need in fall).

4. ??? I will post an update of member ideas in this first post. Help me out! πŸ˜„


β€’ Foraging Giant Mushrooms Challenge (accompanied by a picture, common name(s), proper latin ID, and associated correct verified & referenced information) Thanks, @Torey!


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    Along the lines of growing giants, how about a category for foraged giants?

    Mushrooms would be a good one. We have some huge fungi here in the Pacific Northwest but I'm sure there are species that do equally as well in other areas.

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