Permaculture Design Certification In Puerto Rico next Feb. (2024) - early bird discount

Marjory Wildcraft
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Come join Stephanie Syson is beautiful, lush, tropical Puerto Rico next Febuaray and get certified as a permaculture designer.

I'll also be teaching a few segments too.

Early bird discount now - for those who realize they will want to go tropical next Feb...

Permaculture Design Certification 2024

Permaculture Design Certification ~ Feb. 2nd-12th. 2024 Family Friendly - Camuy, PUERTO RICO 


limited space - place a deposit to register or email us for more details 

10 days of camping, 9 days of instruction, 30 organic meals, a new permaculture perspective and a network of collaborators! 

Enjoy the tropical weather of Puerto Rico while earning your Permaculture Design Certification (PDC). The Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute (CRMPI) teams up with the Caribbean Agroforestry Institute (CAI) for the second year to offer the PDC, island style

Learn to design your permaculture system while being immersed in an off-grid homestead and tropical jungle with hands-on learning in medicinal herb gardens, a young food forest and agroforestry farm while earning your Permaculture Design Certification. 

*This is a FAMILY FRIENDLY course.

72-hr standard PDC curriculum plus an in-depth examination of off-grid homesteading and agroforestry systems. Students will gain the skills & design thinking to implement and manage their systems. Both lecture & hands-on lessons, join us to learn to design, implement & manage a permaculture system.

Learn the principles & practices of creating lush, sustainable living systems in climates and bioregions ranging from coastal to arid, tropical to temperate. Explore how to apply these principles in designing & building your garden, farm, business and home, creating and using renewable energy & water systems, and much more. Learn the essential concepts and practices of permaculture from a world renowned team of master teachers & practitioners with decades of real life experience.

Instructors include but not limited too…

Jerome Osentowski, CRMPI

Stephanie Syson, if CAI

Kareen Erbe, Broken Ground Permaculture 

Adrian Fielder, Colorado Mountain College

Marjory Wildcraft, The Grow Network 

Maria Benedetti, Botanicultura 

Juan Miranda, Niko Spassov & other local instructors! 

English is the primary language we will teach in, but translation will be available for much of the course as many of our instructors are bi-lingual and translators are onsite at all times.

Welcome to the Permaculture Design Certification program in Puerto Rico!

This 10-day immersive experience will take you on a journey into the principles and practices of permaculture, focusing on regenerative and sustainable design techniques for land and ecosystems. 

Located in the beautiful landscapes of Puerto Rico, this certification course offers a unique opportunity to learn, connect, and engage with like-minded individuals in an enchanting setting.

This course highlights permaculture skills that can be applied to any climate, tropics or temperate. Our instructors have experience in various climates around the world.

Course Overview 

Our Permaculture Design Certification course is designed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of permaculture principles and practices. Throughout the 10-day program, you will explore a wide range of topics, including soil health, water management, plant guilds, natural building techniques, food forests, and more. This course is primarily focused on ecological permaculture design and does not cover social permaculture.


  1. Introduction to Permaculture: Discover the history, ethics, and principles of permaculture, and understand its relevance in addressing environmental challenges.
  2. Site Analysis and Design: Learn to assess landscapes, analyze soil composition, identify microclimates, and create efficient and productive designs for different land types.
  3. Water Management: Explore various water harvesting and conservation techniques, such as swales, rainwater catchment, and graywater systems, to effectively manage water resources.
  4. Soil Building and Composting: Understand the importance of healthy soil and learn techniques for soil regeneration, composting, vermiculture, and nutrient cycling.
  5. Plant Guilds and Food Forests: Discover the concept of companion planting and the creation of diverse plant guilds, as well as the design and establishment of resilient food forests.
  6. Agroforestry for Temperate and Tropical Climates. Alley cropping, Syntropic farming and much more. We will discuss the theory as well as getting our hands dirty by participating in group installations.
  7. Natural Building Techniques: Explore sustainable construction methods and learn to integrate natural buildings into the permaculture design.
  8. Integrated Animal Systems: Understand the role of animals in permaculture systems, explore rotational grazing, chicken tractors, and other animal husbandry practices.
  9. Food Production and Gardening: Learn about organic gardening techniques, biodynamics polycultures, no-till farming, biointensive gardening, and the cultivation of edible perennial plants.
  10. Energy Systems and Renewable Technologies: Explore renewable energy options, such as solar power and wind energy, and their integration into sustainable design.
  11. Herbalism - Growing, harvesting, processing and using a variety of medicinal herbs for human health as well as for plant and animal vitality!
  12.  Permaculture Design Project: Apply the knowledge gained throughout the course to design and present a permaculture project that incorporates the principles and techniques learned.
  13. As a bonus, some students interested in staying on the island may be presented with intern and possible employment opportunities.

Accommodations and Meals:

During the certification program, you will have the opportunity to camp in beautiful natural surroundings. The camping facilities provide a peaceful and immersive experience, allowing you to connect with nature throughout your stay. We have composting toilets and rain/spring fed showers as well as a pond to swim in.

Organic meals sourced from our farm and other local farms when possible, will be provided, offering a delicious and nutritious dining experience that reflects the principles of permaculture.

Certification and Beyond:

Upon successful completion of the program, you will receive a Permaculture Design Certification, which is internationally recognized. This certification demonstrates your understanding of permaculture principles and empowers you to apply them in various contexts, whether you're starting your own permaculture project, working in sustainable agriculture, or contributing to environmental initiatives.

Become part of a supportive and passionate network of permaculture enthusiasts. Connect with like-minded individuals, attend workshops, and engage in ongoing learning and collaboration within the permaculture community.

Join our 10-day Permaculture Design Certification program in Puerto Rico. Through hands-on experiences, shared knowledge, and practical design.