Show 158: Celandine and a good pasta sauce made with sardines


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    Very interesting talk.

    I am surprised that the sardines made the sauce taste sweet. I haven't had them for awhile but as I recall they are quite salty. I wouldn't have thought that you would need any extra salty ingredients. Pretty easy to make a tasty, nutritious meal when you have all the staples on hand.

    Celandine is such an old herb/remedy. It is one of the polycrests (most commonly used) remedies in homeopathy. I did not know about the use for bruising.

    Homeopathic arnica is what I would have suggested for you immediately after your fall. I have seen some cases of injury and bruising that are followed by illness; coughs, colds, fevers, etc. Arnica works well to clear up the bruising and the respiratory issues. But I think Chelidonium might have been a good choice for you, too.

    You mentioned common names for plants again. Even amongst herbalist there can be quite a bit of confusion. I attended a workshop a few years ago with a very experienced herbalist from our area. Most of the participants were either herbalists or homeopaths but we were all quite confused when the subject of fireweed came up. She had talked about it for awhile and then said something about it being in the Asteraceae family. We had all assumed she was talking about the tall purple flowered spikes that appear after a burn or logging that is in the Onagraceae family. But no, she was talking about a completely different plant, Erechtites hieraciifolius, also known as fireweed or burnweed.

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    Our local fireweed is quiet different too... not the purple flowering kind. THis has been an issue for me with my foraging book. Ours seems to actually be closer to episote which is a common Mexican ingredient that prevents flatulence. It is very strong in flavor and bitter. I'm not quite sure how to write about these 2-3 plants all called by the same common name. THe pink flowering version makes an excellent tea. The others do not... at all. I guess I will have to list each by its Latin name, but people will still think their fireweed is fireweed and all fireweeds are the same. But, if you use my fireweed like you would the others, it is not going to be kind to the stomach.