A $10 Trillion per Year Food Crisis

Marjory Wildcraft
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"Our agrifood systems have a hidden cost to health, society and the environment that amounts to at least $10 trillion a year, a report by the United Nations' Food and Agriculture Organization has warned. This is the equivalent to 10% of the world's GDP, calculated the FAO's The State of Food and Agriculture 2023 report."

Well Finally!!!! 

We here at the Grow Network have been shouting about this for years. 

While I don't exactly have a love for the mianstream media I' m excited to see this coming out. 

I wonder if they will present the simplest and most obivious solution? Backyard Food Production! (OK, I'm gonna be cynical here and guess they probably won't...)

It's being blasted out everywhere, and here is the source from the UN FAO https://unsdg.un.org/latest/announcements/hidden-costs-global-agrifood-systems-worth-least-10-trillion