Converting a chest freezer into a refridgerator - super energy efficient

I'm hunkering down here at this temporary place. I have several chest freezers and I don't want to spend money on a fridge.

So wholla! a thermostat gizmo from Amazon costs $35 and is fixing me right up. Plust it will be a useful thing for future projects.

Note I biffed it on the setting as I was shooting this.... fixed them afterwards. You'll see what I mean in the ivd.


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    Hey @Marjory Wildcraft! Please forgive me for this, but it must be a Canadian or homeschool mom thing that I'm about to say. 🤓

    I'm going to take you on a short friendly French lesson journey. I like learning words, if you hadn't already figured that out. My word nerd side likes Scrabble...

    The word you are looking for above (wholla) is the French word, voilà, meaning "here it is", or "there it is"! It is actually pronounced with a "vw". The sound the "oi" makes is "æ". I have always thought the word sounded beautiful and looks beautiful too. Maybe its because is looks similar to viola (which is also beautiful)? 😁 I should state that in my grade 7 class as an introduction to French, we spent the entire year specifically working on French phonetics.

    I found a (slightly entertaining for me) video of how to say the word. So, let's go to France 🇨🇵!

    I think wholla written reminds me of holá, which of course in Spanish, means something totally different. 😆

    It's a very common mistake made by folks who never learned French.

    Now, I'd better go watch your video after all of that. Hahaha

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    Inkbird was one brand I was looking at for an incubator hygrometer. I'd initially read that the hygrometer the company makes were fantastic for this use. Yet, on Amazon, they had mixed reviews. I wish I actually knew someone that had what I was considering.

    In the end, I went with super cheap thermometers that would actually fit in the tiny incubator without reducing the eggs it held. At least I knew they were cheap & didn't cost an arm & a leg for a possible dud.

    I think many things are hit & miss from Amazon. I wish reviews were more reliable. I'd go through reviews and change my thoughts on each product multiple times as I read them. It made me quite tired and undecided.

    I'll have to talk to my husband about this idea for possible conversion of our upright freezer to a milk (and/or cooling/brining space for butchered birds) fridge. All of our freezers are full at the moment, so I have time.

    I'm very curious about the energy use & also the safety of doing this. It would be interesting to talk to an honest appliance repairman about this idea to get their opinion on how it might affect the appliance itself.