Hi I am Tim living in AZ southwest is awesome this time of year!

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Hello , my name is Timothy Maurice, and would love to connest with some like minded growers here in southwest Phoenix area, My interests are Restoring old Cars, and natural healing, learning new ways to plant and grow small gardens, have 4 children and one Dog:)



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    Welcome to the forum @victoryfirst.

    We have lots of gardeners here and several herbalists but I don't think we have anyone who restores old cars. At least, they haven't mentioned it. I enjoy older cars but don't own any.

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    That has always been my focus just had it pointed out to me, by my friend Joshua, he said it would be one good idea to document it with doing videos , but I have to learn that first, by just doing it right? I can have a short vid of the car I am working on now.


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    @victoryfirst Hi and welcome! I am not from your area, but I have already noticed, that one can learn a lot about gardening and herbs from people living in other parts of the world. It expands the possibilities. I have two cats. No old car.

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    Yeah I am trying to bust into the car restoring market, but also will not abandon my self sufficiency efforts. Had a small garden last year ,first one ever, don't want to eat the poison food no more, while working on the entrepreneurial spirit and trying to support the household, all a challenge right now, even with the relationships not what it used to be, did a lot of awareness study of the paradigm that we find ourselves in.

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    @victoryfirst welcome to the forums! So glad to have you. I'm unfortunately not in your area either but there is still plenty that we will be able to contribute to each other in sure. My husband spends a lot of his free time helping friends and family work on vehicles. He would love to someday have the time to restore vintage vehicles.

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    Sound cool Michelle, What is his favorite thing to do?

    challenges with the projects hes working on? I am currently working on starting up new business's

    Finding my Industry

    Automotive Restoration and Customization Service: Utilizing my passion for cars and skills in

    restoration to offer bespoke car customization.