Sunday morning at the Farmers Market - life in Puerto Rico

It's Sunday morning and I'm at the farmers market. They say Christopher Colombus landed in Puerto Rico on Nov. 19th.. but the there is some controversy about exactly where he landed.... so check out what Puerto Ricans do with controversy!



  • jowitt.europe
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    Farmer’s market! This is what I envy! We have one in the area where I live in Tirol only twice per year. Two weekends in October. Can you imagine this. The supermarkets have taken over and selling self grown products is over regulated. That is why I grow only for myself, my family and friends. Sadly…

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    @jowitt.europe Sadly, it doesn't take much for homegrown foods to become over regulated. It is often implemented & enforced by people with self interest (greed) at heart and/or those with no connection to their food and food source.

    @Marjory Wildcraft I want your vendors here. 🥰😋

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    Our town farmer's market is almost nonexistant. Some Vermont towns have terrific markets, others have one or two sellers that seem to only focus on processed items rather than raw vegetables.

    We have better success buying from local farms at their farm stands, but a couple closed after the damage due to flooding and will probably not reopen. Others carried fewer items than usual.

    In the US, regulations vary so much from state to state that it isn't really meaningful to ask what is allowed in the country. It is almost totally dependent on which state you are in.

    I will always prefer to grow it myself when possible.

  • Lisa K
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    We used to have a Farmer's Market on Saturday and it was right next to were I got my hair done, so it was great - I got my hair done then went shopping!

    Unfortunately, they moved it to Wednesday afternoons on a crowded main street and because I was working I could not go to it but now that I am retired, I may have to check it out again!