Show 160: Chicory, Cornbread, Dressing and Stuffing


  • Torey
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    I'm a stuffing gal as opposed to dressing. Stuffing is what it was always called in my family's homes. Doesn't have quite the same flavour when it is done outside the bird. My granny and my mum both used to make a small amount of oatmeal stuffing (stuffed in the small cavity at the other end of the bird). Not my favourite thing. Too much like haggis.

    Chicory grows well in my area as a weed. But only right beside the roadside, almost right through the edge of the pavement. It really seems to like that gravelly, contaminated soil. I keep meaning to harvest some of the seeds and try to get it established in my yard but I never seem to get out at the right time for seed collection. Love bitter greens.

  • judsoncarroll4
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    I would probably like the oatmeal stuffing, as I like haggis - never thought of that.