Show 163: Wild Carrot, Medicinal Grasses, Kraut, Limoncello and Christmas Sausage


  • Torey
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    Certainly a mixed bag of topics this time.

    Very appropriate to mention Wild Carrot after the last talk.

    There is a lady at one of the local farmers markets that makes a variety of krauts including one called "Ragged Jack" that is regular cabbage kraut with bits of kale added. She's also got one with horseradish and one called "Queen Anne's Delight" which is cabbage mixed with grated carrots.

    There is a liqueur from South Africa called Van Der Hum that is tangerine flavoured. Its very nice. I haven't made any liqueurs for awhile. A bit late for this Christmas now.

    Excellent addition to put juniper berries in sausage.

    I really don't know enough about the grass family. More studies for later, but a huge family to get into. Certainly an important food family with all the grains, corn, rice and sugar cane. I think the only grass that I use on a regular basis in medicine is oats (oatstraw, milky oats).

    I had never heard the term "rising of the mother" before. It took me a bit but I found that it is an obscure term meaning suffocation of the mother during childbirth.

    This is the definition from the Oxford English Dictionary online:

    The suffocation of the mother can be understood as anxiety with dyspnea. Canadian Medical Association Journal vol. 148 399

    Or if you can decipher this (which seems to be in a form of Welsh): Yt sygnyfyith that..yff yt be a woman, sche schuld dey off chyld-byrth or ellys off rysyng off the modyr.

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    My word. I had no idea it was anything that serious!

    I left off one grass in the show I meant to cover 0 I'll have to get to it next week.

    I'm considering a recipe for a wild game tureen next week, but I'll need to balance it with something more store sourced.