Steam juicer as a water distiller?

Found a distiller that looks very much like a steam juicer and had an idea and / or question... For purifying water. Does anyone know if a steam juicer can be used to distill water to purify it?


  • I think it could. I would prefer to BE able to seperate the condensate a bit more from the boiling Part but in General IT should work

  • vickeym
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    @Jens the Beekeeper thanks. One more way to justify buying a steam juicer. :Looks like it would be much better than just a pot or bowl inside a larger pot of water with a lid upside down and filled with ice.

  • VermontCathy
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    Unless you have water contaminated with heavy metals or other unusual issues, it's generally cheaper and easier to either boil it or run it through a simple filter. Distilling is rarely necessary.

    I did have one incident where I was camping on a remote wilderness lake and the water tasted absolutely terrible even after filtering. Even then, we did not get sick from drinking it, so the filter did its job. My best guess is that someone had either discarded food waste or a fish carcass right at the spot where we collected the water. This is very unusual, and has never happened before in 25+ years of camping.

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    @VermontCathy While we do have a lot of iron in our water here and over much of Alaska, our filter does an adequate job of removing it. The distilled water is however, a requirement for using the CPAP machine my husband needs for his sleep apnea. The minerals and iron in our water can gunk up a machine in a big hurry.

  • Marjory Wildcraft
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    The water from the municipality here is absolutely filled with chemicals. I'm not complaining! Fresh water on tap is an amazing gift... I've been using a Berkey water filter but there is so much 'stuff' in the water it clogs up the filters way before thiser time. The w filters only lasted about six months with me living alone - probably about 3 gallons per day (at the most). Those filters should last for 2 to 3 years.

    So yes, I am very interested in distillers.

    I recently pulled out my shiny new VEVOR still I purchased in anticipation of the new TGN certification on distilling your own alcohol. It worked - but it took a LOT of nat gas and time to make only a small bit of water. I might have been able to configure it for more optimal distillation? But I'm not sure.

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    @Marjory Wildcraft Thank you for sharing that information. I don't have an actual distiller. I know the most basic version is a large bowl, inside a pot where water is placed in the pot outside the bowl, and a lid turned upside down on the top is used to collect the steam and allow it to condense and drip from the handle into the bowl. A gallon for hubby's CPAP machine lasts around 2 weeks. So I don't need a lot.

    I wonder if I could make up something outside to use with a wood fire and maybe a cast iron griddle to keep the steamer cleaner and not covered in soot. Might have to do a bit more research for something like that.